Allison Henley


Allison Henley is a Bay Area-based artist whose multimedia work fuses the analog and the digital through recursive abstraction. Conceptually aligned with Post-Internet Art, Henley’s process evokes the contemporary media landscape, where reality is often obfuscated through perpetual remixing of images across platforms. Her work is a cumulative archive of sensory experience, investigating issues of the collective unconscious and how desire is manufactured from both within and without as a recursive process of becoming.

Born in Honduras, Henley received her MA in the History of Art and her BA in the History of Art and Art Studio from the University of California, Davis. Her work has been exhibited in Northern California. A long-time educator, she has taught studio art and art history at both the university and high school level and has been a longstanding board member of the California Art Education Association. She lives and works in Alameda, California.


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